Google Classroom Codes

Welcome!  Below are the Google Classroom Codes for School Year 2020!

They have changed from last year!

Grade 6 Homeroom and Religion:  7uq6wpq  

Monday - Friday : 8:00 - 8:45 for Cohorts A and B and All Virtual:   If you are remote learning that day, please log on and join the Google Meet by 7:50.  Morning prayer begins at 8:00.  If you are at SHS that day, please be in our classroom by a few minutes before 8:00 so I can take your temperature and you can place your lunch order before morning prayer.  A reminder that lunch will NOT be offered until Tuesday, September 8th.  All students must bring their lunch to SHS the first week of school.

Friday:  All Students should be logged on by 7:50.  I will take attendance and join you in morning prayer with Mrs. Napolitano.

Grade 6 Reading and English language arts: 3y736ly

Cohort A:

Monday:  You will go to the Library at 8:45.  Reading and ELA begin at 9:15.   

Tuesday: Reading and ELA begin at 8:45.

 Cohort B:

Wednesday:  You will go to the Library at 8:45.  Reading and ELA begins at 9:15.

Thursday:  Reading and ELA begin at 8:45.

All Virtual:

Monday and Wednesday Reading and ELA begin at 9:15

Tuesday and Thursday Reading and ELA begin at 8:45

Grade 7 Reading and English language arts: ujx6y3k

Monday - Thursday:
Reading and ELA: 10:30 - 11:45


Reading and ELA: 10:45 - 12:00

Grade 8 Reading and English language arts:   o4alsle

Monday - Thursday

Reading and ELA:  1:15 -2:40


Reading and ELA: 12:30 - 1:45


6th, 7th & 8th Grade Reading and English Language Arts Google Classroom Codes

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We had a busy and productive first week of school.  It was a pleasure meeting new students and seeing the returning students from last year!  I'm pleased to be at Sacred Heart School this year and look forward to an excellent year teaching Reading and Language Arts.  



We will begin our Spelling instruction this week with Unit One in the Spelling workbooks.  Please cover the workbook in contact paper.  We will be having our first Spelling test this week on Friday 9/7.  I am aware that it is a short week but the first unit will be a review for most students and we will spend class time getting ready for the quiz.



Students in each of the grades 6 - 8 have a Voyager textbook which should be covered with a book sock.  They also have a Voyager workbook for grammar exercises which should be covered in contact paper.  We begin grammar instruction this week and homework assignments are posted on the calendar.



We will continue to read informational text on high interest topics and engage in productive academic conversations during class.    Last week we discussed the attached text on How Organ Recipients Should be Chosen.  Students chose sides and presented arguments to support their positions.  We began writing rough drafts on these arguments and this week we'll do some whole class instruction on how to improve writing and make arguments more concise and compelling.  

The article and student materials are attached below. 


  how to choose organ recipients student.pdf