Assignments Week of April 13 -17

Grade 6:

Complete questions for Chapters 14- Epilogue in Devil's Arithmetic.  You can download the questions from the Google classroom site.

Grade 7:

Answer the questions on page 192 (1-4) about Into Thin Air by John Krakauer.

Grade 8:

Complete your essay about what scientists can learn from failed experiments.


6th, 7th & 8th Grade Assignments Week of March 23-27

Grade 6: (code uj6y3k)

Read Chapters 12 & 13 in Devil's Arithmetic.

Answer the attached questions and post them on the Google Classroom or email them to me at

Continue to work on your final project for Devil's Arithmetic.  If you were planning to do a board game or a missing/wanted poster, you'll need to choose a different project.  Feel free to contact me for ideas on the Stream in Google classroom or by email.  

Grade 7 (code o4alsle)

Finish reading Anne Frank: Diary of A Young Girl

Complete your projects on the 8 Stages of Genocide.  You can post your finished slides to the Google classroom where the assignment is posted or email them to me at


Grade 8: (code oenrgim)

Watch the Khan Academy video on adverbs.  The link can be found on the Google Classroom site.

Choose one of the three symbols from The Pearl we discussed in class (the pearl, the canoe, or the scorpion).   Find three examples from the text where Steinbeck used this symbol to illustrate an important idea in the novella.

Submit a one paragraph essay on the theme of greed as a destructive force in The Pearl.   Your paragraph should be at least 8 sentences and contain two or more text references.  Please edit for content and for grammar and spelling.  You may submit it on our Google classroom or by emailing it to me at



6th, 7th & 8th Grade Reading Homework

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Welcome Back! It was a busy and productive first week discussing the required reading from summer 2018!




Students have a Literature textbook which should be covered in a book sock.  They have one copy book which will be used for class notes in both Reading and English Language Arts.

Reading Assignments for this week in class:

Grade 6 - The Sound of Summer Running by Ray Bradbury

Grade 7 - The Cat Who Thought She Was A Dog and the Dog Who Thought She Was A Cat by Isaac Singer

Grade 8 - Charles by Shirley Jackson

Attached is the Venn Diagram we'll be using to compare and contrast characters in grade 6.



Listening and Speaking:

The ELA standards place tremendous emphasis on effective oral communication as a central element of Language Arts instruction.  We will be doing oral presentations throughout the year individually and in small groups.  Attached is the Oral Presentation Rubric that we've been discussing in class and will continue to use throughout the year.

 rubric oral presentation.pdf 



Assignments 3/30 - 4/3

Grade 6:
Read Chapters 14 & 15 in Devil's Arithmetic.  Comprehension questions will be posted on our Google classroom site.

Assignments Week of 3/30 - 4/3

Grade 6:
Read Chapters 14 & 15 in Devil's Arithmetic.  Comprehension questions will be posted on our Google classroom site.  Complete 20 minutes of Lexia PowerUp on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

Grade 7:

Finish Anne Frank.  Work on your group projects on the 8 Stages of Genocide.  Complete your benchmark testing on Lexia PowerUp.

Grade 8:
Read Flowers for Algeron.  Comprehension questions are due on 4/3.  


Today I learned that grades 7 & 8 have been given licenses to use an online Reading program,  We have been using it in grade 6 since December and because of the need for expanded online learning, the Berks County Intermediate Unit has offered us licenses for grades 7 & 8.

How to get started:

I've attached two files here.  The first gives you directions on how to log on and complete your placement test.  You should find a time when you have 30 - 45 minutes of uninterrupted time to take the placement test.   Once you've completed that, the program will provide you with activities in Grammar, Word Study, and Comprehension that are targeted at your reading level.  The second document provides each student in grades 7 and 8 with his/her username and password.  


Daily Practice:

Please practice with Lexia each day for 15 - 20 minutes.  You can do each domain, word study, grammar, and comprehension each day.  Or you can do word study and grammar for 20 minutes M, W, F and Comprehension for 20 minutes Tu, Th.

This doesn't replace reading books and selections from our Literature text, Word Generation, etc.  and I'll be posting assignments starting next week.  But this will provide you an opportunity to practice your skills and stay up to date.


 Directions to log on to www lexiapowerup com.docx  Grades 6 7 and 8 usernames and passwords for lexia.pdf