6th, 7th & 8th Grade Reading

Literature Selections for the week of November 12 - November 19

Grade 6: Water by Helen Keller

Grade 7: Seventh Grade by Gary Soto

Grade 8:  Selected texts from ReadWorks.


Literature Selections for the week of November 5 - November 9:

Grade 6:  Aaron's Gift by Myron Levoy

Grade 7:  A selection from In Search of Our Mothers's Gardens by Alice Walker

Grade 8Harriet Tubman Guide to Freedom by Ann Petry



October 29 - November 2

Grade 6:  Hard As Nails by Russell Baker

Grade 7:  A Day's Wait by Ernest Hemingway

Grade 8:  The Secret by Arthur C. Clarke

We will be creating a Google Slide on Three Wishes using the above selections.



October 16 - October 26:

All classes grades 6 -8 will be reading an adaption of A Midsummer Night's Dream.  We will be studying characters and a plot summary to prepare for the Shakespeare Festival being held at SHS on October 26, 2018.

Attached is the Study Guide


 A Midsummer Nights Dream Study Guide - WillPower 2018.pdf 


Literature Selections for Week of October 1 - October 5:

Grade 6: The King of Mazy May by Jack London

Grade 7: Victor Edmundo Villasenor  from Ancestors Jim and Terry Willard and Jane Wilson

Grade 8:  Grandma Lin by Amy Ling, Old Man by Ricardo Sanchez and The Old Grandfather and His Little Grandson by Leo Tolstoy 

Literature selections for Week of September 24 - September 28

Grade 6:  Jeremiah's Song by Walter Dean Myers.  Our focus will be on narration and Point of View.  See PowerPoint attached.  You will have a test on Friday, September 28.  A study guide and notes will be provided. 

A reminder that I will be "spot checking" your copy books.  They will be graded for neatness and completeness as a classwork grade.  Please take notes during the lesson as these notes are important for building background knowledge and understanding important literary elements that will help you understand what we are reading each week as well as your other content area reading.  Most of you have been doing a terrific job with this and this will help your overall average in Reading! 

Grade 7: My Furthest-Back Person (The Inspiration for Roots) by Alex Hailey

Grade 8:  E-mail from Bill Gates by John Seabrook

Literature selections for Week of September 17 - September 21

Grade 6:  Song of Myself by Walt Whitman  I'm Nobody by Emily Dickinson

Grade 7: Dust of Snow by Robert Frost, My Picture Gallery by Walt Whitman and Saying Yes by Diana Chang

Grade 8:  All but Blind by Walter de la Mare  The Choice by Dorothy Parker


Literature selections for Week of September 10 - September 14

Grade 6, Stray by Cynthia Rylant (test on 9/14, notes and study guide will be provided)

Grade 7, "Two Kinds" from The Joy Luck Club by Amy Tan (test on 9/14, notes and study guide will be provided)

Grade 8, excerpt from I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings by Maya Angelou (test on 9/14, notes and study guide will be provided)

6th, 7th & 8th Grade Reading Homework

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Welcome Back! It was a busy and productive first week discussing the required reading from summer 2018!




Students have a Literature textbook which should be covered in a book sock.  They have one copy book which will be used for class notes in both Reading and English Language Arts.

Reading Assignments for this week in class:

Grade 6 - The Sound of Summer Running by Ray Bradbury

Grade 7 - The Cat Who Thought She Was A Dog and the Dog Who Thought She Was A Cat by Isaac Singer

Grade 8 - Charles by Shirley Jackson

Attached is the Venn Diagram we'll be using to compare and contrast characters in grade 6.



Listening and Speaking:

The ELA standards place tremendous emphasis on effective oral communication as a central element of Language Arts instruction.  We will be doing oral presentations throughout the year individually and in small groups.  Attached is the Oral Presentation Rubric that we've been discussing in class and will continue to use throughout the year.

 rubric oral presentation.pdf