Meet The Teacher 2020 PowerPoint and Materials

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Hello 6th Grade Students!

I am looking forward to seeing all of you next Monday, August 31st. 

If you are part of Cohort A (Claire, Ilaria, Nicholas, Emilio, Lily, Ned, Julien, and David) I will see you in person.   This year we will begin our day together in our classroom.  If you arrive between 7:15 and 7:30, you will wait in the IHM room with Mrs. Gentile.  After 7:30, come directly to the Sixth grade classroom.  I will take your temperature, you can sanitize your hands and we'll be ready to go by 8:00.

If you are part of Cohort B (Sofia, Ayden, Priella, Casey, Sophia, D.J., and Jack)  or an All virtual student (Rileigh) please log on to Google Classroom (using your @shwestrdg account) and we will begin with Homeroom, Morning Prayer, and Religion.

The Google Classroom code for Grade 6 Religion is 7uq6wpz. 

Once there, you'll find the link to join us via Google Meet.  Click on the link, put your camera on and you'll be with us virtually in the sixth grade classroom.


Mrs. McNeil













  • Reading and English Language Arts Google Classroom Codes

    Hello Everyone!


    Google Classroom Codes for 2020

    Grade 7:  ujx6y3k

    Grade 8:  o4alsle

    Grade 6: Religion (7uq6wpq) and Grade 6 Reading and English language arts: (3y736ly)




    Homeroom 6th Grade - Mrs. McNeil
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