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September News

In September here are some things 5th graders have worked on :

  • Graphs
  • Mean, median, mode, range
  • Astronauts, the moon, solar system
  • How to write our "Weekend News," Heroes, Biography & Autobiographies, book reports
  • Writing with details, types of sentences, subjects and predicates
  • Spanish colors and counting
  • Ancient Civilizations



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Our Field Trip to the Reading Planetarium Oct. 6

October News

This fifth graders were busy learning about our incredible solar system, and even demonstrated the moon phases using Oreo cookies! They have been learning Spanish greetings, counting, and Dia De Los Muertos (Day of the Dead). Students also researched a saint and wrote a little bio on their saint to share on All Saint's Day. We read, The Diary of an Awesome, Friendly Kid in partners and completed comprehension questions chapter by chapter. In Math we reviewed the properties of addition and subtraction, rounding, place values, estimating, multiplication practice, and worked on Mathletics. We added a new verse to our favorite memory verses, John 3:16 and we have been reciting pledges and memorizing "The Star Spangled Banner." (Although our singing is kinda scary! lol). 

Trunk or Treat!!!


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